Building Maintenance 1 JD

building maintenance 1 jd pdf employment_2 jobdescriptions 56d68647619d3ef648752ba4051d65be 54fc00da59b0584e9f64d7f6afd79b6b02a989b2a5812b65053531d498435eda 223x300 _jemxab84glqo thumb jpg 2021 06 11 09 16 14 1000 00 pdf application num_pages pagefailed_1 pagefailed_2 pagefailed_3 pagefailed_4 pagefailed_5 pagefailed_6 pagefailed_7 pagefailed_8 pagefailed_9 pagefailed_10 pagefailed_11 pagefailed_12 pagefailed_13 pagefailed_14 pagefailed_15 pagefailed_16 pagefailed_17 pagefailed_18 pagefailed_19 pagefailed_20 pagefailed_21 pagefailed_22 pagefailed_23 pagefailed_24 pagefailed_25 pagefailed_26 pagefailed_27 pagefailed_28 pagefailed_29 pagefailed_30 pagefailed_31 [...]

Building Maintenance 1 JD2021-06-11T09:16:20-07:00

Park Golf Crs Maint I 2013 JD

park golf crs maint i 2013 jd pdf employment_2 jobdescriptions b8ab181d013c0a09f11b9bb1f7894909 a608f46c0a7f5224afa07212a9c3912fdede91f74258e8d5469593a24d1d3c8f 222x300 _sapy5dsznko4 thumb jpg 2021 06 11 09 10 50 1000 01 00 pdf application golf course park maintenance i definition under direct supervision performs unskilled and semi skilled work in the care of parks playing fields other landscaped recreation areas repair to [...]

Park Golf Crs Maint I 2013 JD2021-06-11T09:10:57-07:00

Cemetery Maintenance I

cemetery maintenance i pdf employment_2 jobdescriptions 72dcd4d795be2f3be4962da31359f473 1fe404f549f3a8e81ec5221497490c94f3c75941b874fcd1c85f9b8bd16f6a8b 201x300 _ze55mcrnqkrs thumb jpg 2021 06 11 09 10 44 1000 01 00 pdf application cemetery maintenance worker i definition under general supervision coordinates supervises directs and performs repair work at the city distinguishing characteristics this class is an entry level position where employee required to perform [...]

Cemetery Maintenance I2021-06-11T09:10:50-07:00
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