Call us at City Hall (623-6338) to reserve one of the parks, or stop by and see us at 90 West Fourth St. Whether for birthdays, anniversaries, family or high school reunions, company summer parties, weeknight or weekend barbecues with family and friends – the parks are available for your event. Be sure to call well in advance of your planned event in order to reserve your place on the City Park Scheduler. PLEASE REMEMBER THAT EVEN THOUGH YOU ARE RESERVING THE PARK FOR YOUR EVENT, ALL OF THE PARKS ARE ALWAYS OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. We recommend that you get there early to put signage in place that announces your event. Thank you in advance for working together as a community by sharing our City parks. We also ask that you remember to clean-up your area and leave it in good shape for everyone’s enjoyment.


Vesco City Park on Mizpah St.

Restrooms, picnic area expanding over 65 acres

Vesco City Park
Vesco City Park ball fields

Little League playing field adjacent to Vesco City Park

Vesco City Park Tennis courts

Tennis Courts available at Vesco City Park

Vesco City Park playground


Vesco City Park playground


Skateboard Park

Skate-Board park located adjacent to Vesco City Park on Mizpah Street (across from Humboldt General Hospital)

Highland Park, 4220 Water Canyon Road
Restroom facilities, picnic area, and ball field

Highland Park
Highland Park Ball Field

Highland Park Ball Field

Corner of 100 Museum Lane and US Highway 95 North
Picnic area, playground equipment, and restroom facilities.

Pioneer Park Pioneer Park

Located at 3 North Bridge Street

Riverview Park Riverview Park